Working together to continue annual Club Rush


Being back in school and starting up the year hasn’t been easy. As we are all aware, Covid-19 has completely impacted the way we live for the moment and makes school activities, clubs and service-learning difficult to take place since most schools like Northwest high school are doing classes online. 

Every year we have a club rush at school to get information and learn about different clubs students can join. This year our staff had to figure out how to do this in the best possible way online. 

“During a Summer School Based Leadership Team (SBLT) meeting I recall asking the team their thoughts on possibly having virtual clubs. The team thought it was a great idea. Clubs were to start in mid-October. I had some ideas at the time about but [the event] was not sure how I was going to implement them. After careful thought the preparation for Virtual Clubs / Club Rush began,” Kimberly D. Gilyard the Assistant principal who oversees clubs said. 

After a lot of consideration, they held the first virtual club rush meetings on September 28 from 2-3 pm. Much assistance came from Mrs. Orr, the Curriculum Facilitator. She was responsible for posting the Club List on the school website and in the Announcements in Canvas.  

Each club with the people in charge came prepared to their meeting to give the students the best experience possible. 

Advisors and student leaders were asked to come up with a recording, video, poster, etc. as a way of sharing information about their specific club. These information links were then added to the Club List and posted on our school webpage for the students to be able to access. 

“In the Key Club we did not know how many people would join or how it would end up working out online, considering how we had a new advisor (Mrs. Goldin) and being one of the bigger clubs at Northwest,” Ana Paula Valadez, treasurer for Key Club said. “At first I was unsure of how any of this would work, but after the club rush and our second meeting, I felt positive and excited for the outcome of the club I’m in during the new year.” 

In conclusion, everything during this school year will be challenging, but our school staff, teachers and administrators are content in working their hardest to make this year the best it can be for the students, parents and everyone involved.