Voting buses were an ineffective use of classroom time

Last Thursday, Guilford County Schools sent buses to Northwest Guilford High School to transport eligible juniors and seniors to participate in early voting in the primary election.  While the premise of the event seemed good, the execution, however, was flawed.

Junior Tyler Kibble is one student who voted last Thursday.  While he thought that Guilford County Schools had a good intention in sending students to vote, it was not executed as effectively.

“We left around like 10:30,” Kibble said. “And then we didn’t get back until 1:05 or 1:15. We arrived, we were told that only half of the students from Northwest (bus that left at 9:30) had voted at that point.”

In addition, students felt that there was a lack of communication between the event organizers, students, and teachers.

“A lot of people were unhappy because (they) became hungry,” Kibble said.  “When we came back, it was also tough to adjust the lunches because we missed first and second lunch and we were halfway through third lunch (when we got back). Some students missed their whole fourth period the delays that occurred.”

In addition to delays and a lack of planning, many students did not want to vote.

“I believe that it is good for us to be able to practice our duty as citizens.  I believe that it is important for everyone who has an opinion to vote.  However, I feel like there was a large group of students throughout the county who did not have a strong opinion or were not well informed and they took the trip just to get out of class,” senior Blake Sullivan said.

I just wish it was done better.”

— Kibble

Instead of practicing their civic duty as many school officials had hoped, students were unprepared and was not a good use of classroom time, rendering this trip ineffective.  Kibble agreed with Sullivan’s remarks.

“I think it was a good idea to give (students) the option to practice their civic duty,” Kibble said. “However, I think most people, including myself, were not as prepared as they should be. I’m definitely willing to (vote) again. However, I just wish it was done better.”