Easy Halloween Inspired Origami Bats

Est. 3-5 Minutes.


Level: Beginner


Materials: 6 by 6 inch piece of paper or origami paper


Good Decoration


  1. Take your sheet of paper and fold one corner to the other to make a triangle.


  1. Now take the left corner and fold it over to the right corner making a right angle triangle


  1. Unfold the latter step and fold the bottom of the triangle to the top just leaving enough of the tip to create what looks like a paper boat


  1. Fold the top of the paper boat over the side


  1. Fold this shape on half corner to corner


  1. Unfold the last step and create what’s called a mountain fold on the back side of the bat at an almost 45 degree angle with the wing tip almost above the head of the bat


  1. Repeat the last step again on the other side


  1. Fold the tip of the wing tip to the bottom corner of the wing on both sides


  1. Fold the top of the wing horizontal to the rest of the bat and gently unfold


Have fun with you bat! Be sure to make multiple bats and hang them from the ceiling!