Catholic abuse scandals should not define the Church


A Catholic Church where many have gathered in worship.

I’ve grown up in the Catholic Church, I was baptized when I was five months old. I attended faith formation classes for as long as I can remember, and I have received the Eucharist. My parents also gave me the choice to be Confirmed, to choose a different religion or to choose not to be religious at all.

I chose to be confirmed.

Since I’ve grown up in the church, I don’t know a lot about other churches, but I still feel Catholicism is what I believe in. Despite the saddening occurrences with the abuse of nuns and children within areas of the church, I don’t see it as a reason to remove myself from the church.

The unfortunate abuse of power within the church does not define Catholicism as a whole. As well, the Catholic church is not the only place it happens; it happens in schools, workplaces, in other organized religions and more. It’s an abuse of power within a large institution. It is horrible that it happens, but everyone must work towards a solution to prevent these horrific occurrences from happening again everywhere.

People may think I’m some horrible person for defending my religion, but what others may view my religion as is not what it is to me.

I chose to be Confirmed for many reasons. Not only did I choose it to be confirmed because I agree with most of the beliefs of my church, but also my church has such a strong community. It is more than Jesus and me– it is Jesus and us. We spend time together in prayer, at masses, at communal dinners, in classes, youth groups and so much more. With such a universal church that accepts everyone– no matter their race, language, culture, economic status or for some churches, their sexual orientation or gender– it should not be defined by horrible people.

I will not let those who abuse their power and go against the Word of God change or alter my faith. As I have grown up, my faith has only strengthened.