Save Christmas for 12/25

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A bitter cold can be felt even on the inside of your house. A warm glow illuminates your living room from the hearth and the lights on a Christmas tree. You and all of your relatives are exchanging gifts. Laughter is everywhere. You have hot chocolate, a new pair of socks, and $20 that Grandma slipped into your Christmas card.

Later, you all sing Christmas carols off key and just have a good time. Too bad it’s a school night, though.You’re going to be really tired tomorrow, but it will be worth it, right? You got to celebrate your favorite holiday of the year…

…in October.

The last few months of a year always go by ridiculously fast. Everything kind of blends together. Septemberoctobernovemberdecember. Perhaps this is why everyone celebrates Christmas on any day that’s remotely close to Dec. 25.

The earliest Christmas commercial ever was shown in 2013 by Kmart. It aired in early Sept. Usually, that it a time where students stress about back-to-school commercials. Instead, they’re now just confused. What would you do if you were watching “This Is Us” in September, and a commercial telling you that a watch would be the perfect gift for your loved ones for Christmas? First off, if you give somebody a watch and they didn’t ask for it…well, that’s poor judgment on your part. (Please don’t give me a watch.) Secondly, why would somebody start celebrating a holiday four months in advance? That would be the equivalent of celebrating New Years Eve in late September and then skipping to Valentines’ Day.

Many people have gotten in the habit of celebrating Christmas the moment that Halloween is over, switching from scary masks to red floppy hats in less than a minute. Thanksgiving, the well-known American holiday in between Halloween and Christmas, is slowly getting put onto the back burner, being replaced by mistletoe and Mariah Carey.

Will there ever be a point where we take a step back and realize that we have all single-handedly fueled the Christmas fever? I don’t think so. Do I still think we celebrate Christmas too early? Absolutely.

If you believe in the Christian faith, then you are, most likely, aware of the religious meaning behind Christmas. Many people who do not practice the faith also know the basic principles behind Christmas. How did one culture’s important holiday turn into a cash cow for stores, luring people to get a discounted iPhone and calling it a Christmas deal?

I believe that everyone needs to take a deep breath and really think about this time of year. Next week is Thanksgiving, followed immediately by Black Friday, an intense shopping spree that always ends with two middle-aged women fighting over an expensive bag or two middle-aged men trying to get the lowest price for “Red Dead Redemption 2.” We should be able to be thankful to our families and friends for a few weeks instead of turning a cheek to Turkey Day and jingling bells all over to sound more spirituous.

Take your time to enjoy your family and some good food while you have the time. November is supposed to be about harvest and giving thanks. There’s no need to have a two-month Christmas frenzy. Take a deep breath, go enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte, put away your Santa hat and take it easy.

Christmas doesn’t need two months of preparation. Christmas doesn’t start in September, and it doesn’t start now. Wait until December.

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