Sony’s Venom shattered October's record for highest grossing opening weekend massive sum of $80 million in its opening weekend. The prior record holder was 2013's Gravity.

Sony’s Venom shattered October’s record for highest grossing opening weekend massive sum of $80 million in its opening weekend. The prior record holder was 2013’s Gravity.

Venom: the Greatest Rom/Com of 2018

October 23, 2018

When Sony (That’s right Sony. Not Marvel) announced back in March 2017 and that it would be making a Venom solo movie and it would not include our favorite wall-crawler, people were obviously very skeptical on if the movie would be any good.

Well after the October record-shattering success of the film shows that Sony might finally have nailed Venom. The movie grossed a total of $80 million in its opening weekend which makes it the highest grossing October movie to date. The Prior record holder was 2013’s Gravity.

The movie is a big step for venom since we last saw him on the big screen in Spiderman-3. But does it live up to expectations? I’m here to tell you it does in a big way.

The movie’s director (Ruben Fleischer), had told fans that Venom was going to be a grittier superhero movie with as he promised would push the envelope.

The trailers we got for the movie showed us a movie that depicted the main character, Eddie Brock (Played by Tom Hardy), having to battle with his personal demon known as the alien symbiote Venom.

The end result was instead a sort of Rom/Com with a splash of action and a sprinkle of dark humor that you wouldn’t normally find in a Marvel movie. But this is not a normal Marvel movie, in fact, Marvel Studios had nothing to do with the creation of this movie.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Marvel Movie rights work here’s a quick play by play. Back in the mid-90’s, there was a collapse of the comic book market. Now in order for Marvel Comics to protect itself from going bankrupt, they decided to sell some of their movie rights away to film companies.

This is why we’ve never seen the X-men (owned by Fox) and the Avengers (owned by Marvel Studios/ Disney) teaming up on the big screen. Now I’m not saying it’s impossible for us to get a witty debate between Tony Stark and Professor Xavier, but in order for that to happen the big movie studios need to make a deal.

The only reason Spiderman’s even in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is that Sony wanted to have Tony Stark in their Spiderman: Homecoming movie. So this painted a particular problem for Venom as Spiderman “bite the dust” in Infinity war.

So Sony was given the thought to be an impossible task, make a move about one of Spiderman’s greatest enemies without Spiderman. Well, I think that Sony did just that, the impossible.

Now it’s important to note that as of now the movie does not take place in the MCU. But since its recent success in the box offices there a good chance that Disney will want a cut of the profits.

This movie acts as an origin story for the character and it must be said that Venom’s origin in the comics is a result of Spiderman. In the comics, Spiderman finds the mysterious alien goo (also sometimes called a symbiote) and it bonds with him.

He soon learns that it’s a parasite and that it has started corrupting him. He gets rid of it and it soon finds Eddie Brock who has a mutual hatred for Spiderman. But this movie can’t have that origin so instead, they have to focus more on the space origin of the symbiote.

While the story isn’t perfect and it definitely isn’t what we expected it is still a good movie. Eddie Brock is a reporter who is down on his luck after losing his job, his apartment, and his Fiancé. He stumbles upon the life foundation which is a corporation that thinks symbiotes are the next step for humans if we are to survive on earth in the coming years of climate change.

While investigating the Life foundations labs he comes in contact with the alien symbiote named Venom which latches on to him. The symbiotes need a host to live on our world given the fact that without us they can’t live for very long in our atmosphere. The symbiote allows him to perform seemingly impossible feats of strength and speed.

Once he has the symbiote he begins to hear Venom’s voice in his head and he soon becomes crazy hungry and starts to eat food raw or even at one point rotten meat. Eddie soon learns that Venom is responsible for his growing hunger and that if he doesn’t eat almost constantly the symbiote will start to digest is organs.

Venom tells Eddie that there is another spaceship that can get him of this world and that if Eddie takes him to it he will let him go. But Eddie gets separated from Venom and the symbiote bonds with Eddies Ex-Fiancé (played by Michelle Williams) to get Eddie back.

Venom is by far the greatest love story between a boy and a strange alien parasite that wants to eat his kidneys. Also, if you’re a fan of Spiderman/Venom I would stay till you’ve seen all the end credit scenes.

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