The latest “Halloween” sequel had big success at the box office, bringing 76 million dollars on its opening weekend.

Michael Myers makes a killing at the box office in his new sequel

October 23, 2018


When I heard that we would be getting another Halloween Sequel this year I thought to myself: “really another one”. But I then was told that this movie was doing away with all the other sequels and I thought: “this could have potential”. The movie has an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and is expected to beat Venom in the highest opening weekend profits in the month of October.

So if you’re a fan of the nine other Halloween sequels I’m sorry to say that they are no longer canon. I, however, think this was a smart move by the producers as Halloween had taken a similar path as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. All the sequels were just not as good as the first one and they had seemed more like cash grabs then honest Sequels.

That’s not to say that I don’t love the original Halloween and I definitely think that this is the better sequel then Halloween 2 (1981). Actress Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her role as Laurie Strode alongside actor Nick Castle who played the infamous Michael Myers. This movie takes place on October 31st, 2018 exactly 40 years since the events of the original movie.

We learn that Laurie, the only survivor from the events of the first movie, has spent the last 40 years preparing for the inevitable escape of Michael. She reviles to two journalists that her obsession with protecting herself from Michael has cost her everything. She lost custody of her daughter and has had two failed marriages.

Michael has been locked up in a mental corrections facility for the last 40 years and during that time has not spoken a single word. It’s probably worth stating that he hadn’t spoken in 15 years in the first movie so he hasn’t spoken for a total of 55 years.

His personal doctor, Dr. Sartain (played by Haluk Bilginer) has tried everything to make Michael talk but none of his plans have worked. 

There are many scenes in the movie that are clearly references to the original. An example of this is how in the original there is a scene where Laurie is sitting in class when she sees Michael looking at her from across the street. In this movie there is an almost exact same scene with Laurie’s Granddaughter, Allyson (played by Andi Matichak), sitting in the same classroom seeing Laurie standing across the street watching her.

There are also scenes that have Laurie and Michael switch roles. In the original movie, Laurie is cut by Michael and she manages to run up to her room to hide in a closet. She tries to make it seem like she ran out through the balcony door but her bleeding hand leaves a trail right to her hiding spot.

The sequel does a scarily twisted version of this scene with Laurie now looking for Michael in her house. She is armed with a shotgun and had just shot off two of Michaels’ fingers. She follows the trail of blood to her room which has a closet and an open balcony door. She checks the closet but finds him not hiding in there, she then tries to follow the blood trail but it crisscrosses on itself and this allows Michael to get the jump on her and throws her off the balcony.

One of the thing that made the original so scary is the suspense of the movie. The parts where were expecting Michael to jump out and kill but he doesn’t. This is done in the Sequel and it doesn’t disappoint.

Many classic scenes from the original are used in this movie to makes us unsure of what’s going to happen. Examples of this are the ghost bedsheet scene, the closet scene, and the use of Michael’s iconic music.

Now I really enjoyed this movie and I think that if you’re a fan of the original you’ll find this movie to be a nice take on the franchise. But I think that this should be the end of the franchise at least for now. There is evidence to suggest Michael may not be finished, but I believe this is where his story should end.

I’m not trying to say that this could be the end of the movie series. There’s one scene in the movie in which Michael has just killed a nameless woman with a hammer and on his way out of the house he passes a baby crying in a crib. He stops to look at the baby and he does something that surprises us, he doesn’t kill the baby he leaves it to just cry on its own.

So here’s what I think would be a better story for a possible sequel. There’s a scene where Dr. Sartain talks about how Michael’s psychopathic tendencies could be a result of him seeing something that causes him to begin killing. So it would be a much better story idea for the infant (that Michael didn’t kill) to grow up and become the new killer after having the image of Michael’s masked face being imprinted on their young mind.

It’s either something like that or another Halloween sequel that just doesn’t seem as good as the original. Whatever the case may be this sequel definitely held up to the original and it only took them 40 years to get it right.

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