iPhone 7 Review

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iPhone 7 Review

Rose gold iPhone 7 Plus

Rose gold iPhone 7 Plus

Rose gold iPhone 7 Plus

Rose gold iPhone 7 Plus

Angela Seo, staff writer

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Dozens of people are gathered at the Apple Store at Friendly Center. The fire alarm goes off, yet all the customers ignore it as if it’s not blaring into their ears.

“We have to evacuate,” an Apple Store employee finally says. The crowd reluctantly exits, but the people are clamoring to back in to get their new phone.

Such were the events of Sept. 16, the day thousands of people had been waiting for: the release of the new iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 looks very similar to the previous versions, but there are many significant changes. There are two sizes and five colors: gold, rose gold, silver, matte black and jet black. The standard storage is 32GB compared to the 16GB of the previous phones. The iPhone 7 Plus now has two cameras that work as one and can zoom in up to 10x. It also has two more hours of battery life and a new stereo speaker system. The new phones comes with EarPods with a lightning connector. It also comes with a headphone jack adapter so you can use your old headphones.

A new quality of the iPhone 7 is the water-resistance feature. According to Apple, the entire enclosure of the phone has been reengineered so that it is protected against spills, splashes and dust.

“I’m looking forward to the waterproof [qualities] of the phone because I spill a lot of things, and I’m really nervous I’m gonna break it, but now I don’t have to worry about it,” sophomore Kylie Rousseau said.

Some students have tried to test this new feature out.

“I already put it in a cup of water and [the phone still] worked,” sophomore Hannah Shepard said. “I’m glad about that because I’m pretty clumsy, so that’s kinda helpful.”

Another feature is the new home button that isn’t an actual button. It is pressure sensitive, and the iPhone user can customize the pressure to his or her liking.

“I like the home button. When you click it, [the home button] vibrates and stimulates a click. It’s really cool,“ freshman Kendall Young said.

A big controversy has been the removal of the headphone jack. Many students argue that they won’t be able to charge their phones and listen to music at the same time unless they have wireless headphones.

“I was listening to music with the included lightning EarPods [when] I got the dreaded 20-percent battery notification,” sophomore Hunter Brame said. “I either had to stop listening and charge my phone, or keep listening and let my phone keep dying.”

Brame is planning on getting the wireless Apple Airpods when they come out late October.

Some say that an advantage of not having the headphone jack is the abundant space for the stereo speakers.

“The speakers work incredibly, to the point that I don’t even need an aux cord in the car to listen to [music] with my windows rolled down,” senior Lilac Rain Thompson said.

Overall, the reaction from those who have gotten the new iPhone 7 has been positive.

“I have the 256GB, and I absolutely adore it. I switched over from an Android, and [the iPhone 7 is] far better than any product I’ve bought from [Android],” Thompson said.

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