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Club Rush 2015

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Club Rush Front CommonsBy Jenny Blackburn on September 22, 2015:

Club Rush creates a sense of enthusiasm students sit nervously awaiting the bell for their lunch period to be able to go and hunt through the Front Commons to see what clubs capture their attention.

There are more than 66 clubs students can join at Northwest, from academically focused ones such as National Honors Society to recreational clubs such as fishing. Some clubs are serious and allow students to earn service learning hours and connect with the community while others are just for fun to socialize with students doing like-minded activities.

With clubs, each student gets to find out where he or she fits in.

“I am excited for Club Rush because it gives you the opportunity to become part of your school,” junior Sandra Wommack said.

Clubs are headed up by students with a teacher as a sponsor, so don’t be worried about asking questions to the people behind the table. They are just as eager about trying to get people to join their club as you are searching for what clubs to join.

“I am excited to see the other side of club rush this year, as I recruit students for clubs I am a part of,” junior Michael Benson said.

If you missed the excitement today or need more time to think over what clubs to join, another journey through the tables will help you decide, so don’t miss out tomorrow.


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Club Rush 2015