Senior Spotlight: Garret Eichlin


Garret Eichlin, a motivated and hard-working senior at Northwest has been an active member of the community for years. His work finally paid off when he got accepted at Boston College. He’s planning on majoring in biochemistry on the Gabelli Presidential Scholarship.

“I’m really excited…. It’s a lot of service-based opportunities,” Eichlin said. 

“I was called back for a semifinalist week in Boston in February. It was virtual because of COVID, but it was just a series of interviews and then I ended up getting the scholarship,” Eichlin said. 

He explains that it was a wonderful experience, and he is glad he had the opportunity.

Eichlin took a biology class in his freshman year; he realized he liked the subject and took an AP Bio class the following year. “I really want to pursue an entire major with biochemistry in the future because there’s so many opportunities for that; you have vaccines, you have diseases. You can study anatomy; it’s a lot,” Eichlin said.

He encourages people to pursue their interests, not only focusing on one thing, but branching out and discovering new opportunities. 

“I’ve been involved with tennis for four years and am currently the captain of the tennis team,” Eichlin said when asked about some of his accomplishments,“I’m a national merit scholar…I am an Eagle Scout as well, so that’s also something I’ve been really involved with… I do youth groups, as a part of the official United Methodist Church Youth Group.” 

Eichlin is an outstanding member of the community, and aims to always try to give back. Eichlin helped with the Leukemia fundraiser which raised over $15,000 in the 2021-2022 school year alone. 

Eichlin has a great support system of family and friends that has been there for him since the beginning.

“My parents are very supportive. They’re involved with most of the stuff I’ve been involved with, like my mom. [Parents and grandparents] try to get involved and support me,” Eichlin said. “I think I’ve made a lot of new friends along the way and in every class I have. I think you get a lot of support from teachers and your classmates in that regard.” 

With the support of his loved ones, he has gotten to the point where he is now. Eichlin encourages underclassmen to pursue their interests.

“Learn what you really want to do… just take it slow,” Eichlin said.

His advice to juniors and seniors? “Don’t just be dead set on a school, open yourself up to multiple places, and it’s okay not to know where you’re going.” Eichlin said.