Monthly horoscope for May


May is full of astrological events that will effect each sign differently, read below to see what this month has in store for you!

Capricorn: On May 2, Venus enters Aries. Venus is the planet of beauty; this planetary shift will bring new ways for Capricorns to express themselves. Through new outfits or new makeup, find a new way to present yourself in May.  

Aquarius: There was a rocky eclipse at the end of April for Aquarius. The eclipse affected relationships as well as the work lives of Aquarius. The new month of May will bring new beginnings as you overcome the obstacles from last month.  

Pisces: On May 10, Mercury will go into retrograde until June 2. Mercury is the planet of communication, so Pisces will experience obstacles in communication in the month of May. This month, pause before you speak to prevent the spread of misinformation. 

Aries: As well as the Mercury retrograde on May 10, Jupiter will also move into Aries. Jupiter is the planet of growth and wealth. May will bring an abundance of opportunities in regards of money for Aries. Be on the lookout for wealth in May. 

Taurus: The Mercury retrograde will light up the third house of Taurus in May. This will affect your levels of wit and charm; this is an ideal time to out yourself out there in terms of relationships. Love will present itself in the month of May for Taurus.  

Gemini: A rocky solar eclipse on May 15 in Scorpio falls into the 15th house of Gemini, which represents death and transportation. This eclipse will course the month of May for Gemini, bringing sudden changes and endings. Watch out for unexpected turns in May. 

Cancer: Gemini season starts on May 20. This will bring out the inner social butterfly of all signs, specifically Cancer. May will be an exciting month for Cancer; many social outings will present themselves to you. Enjoy! 

Leo: Mercury will re-enter Taurus on May 22 and this will bring delays in decision making for Leos. As well as other people delaying important decisions around you, patience and critical thinking will be key in the month of May. 

Virgo: On May 24, Mars will enter the sign of Aries. This will bring a new wave of motivation that has possibly been lacking recently. May will be a month of feeling energized and productive, in work and/or school.  

Libra: Venus will move into the sign of Taurus on May 28, bringing stability and self-love in May. Put yourself first this month and learn how to love yourself. Self-care and independence will guide you throughout the month of May.  

Scorpio: A new moon in Gemini on May 30 will bring excitement to your future for Scorpio. May will be full of planning upcoming trips and achieving short and long-term goals. In May, focus on what will be coming next for you in life.  

Sagittarius: With the new moon at the end of the month, refreshing energy will be brought through. May will be a month of restoration and recharging for Sagittarius. Spend some time doing the things you love and catching up on rest.