Cabaret is coming! Northwest is shooting a musical this week.

Cabaret is a 1966 musical written by John Kadder and Fred Ebb. Originally a book written by Joe Masteroff, Cabaret first opened at Broadhurst Theatre in New York City and ran for an astonishing 1,166 performances. It became popular in the 1970’s and was well known by the end of its career.

Set in 1929-1930, Cabaret takes place in Berlin towards the beginning of World War Two. It follows Clifford Bradshaw, an American author who is trying to find the inspiration for his next writing. He meets a man named Ernst, and befriends him. Soon, Cliff finds his way in a seedy nightclub, the “Kit Kat Club,” overseen by the Master of Ceremonies. Once there, he meets a performer named Sally Bowles, and they begin a relationship. 

Later, Ernst is found out as a member of the Nazi Party, and the scene turns ominous as the threat of Hitler’s regiment looms overhead. Cliff stays at a boarding house owned by a woman named Fraulein Schneider, and her fiance, Herr Schultz, is the victim of an anti-Semetic hate crime. Clifford and Sally decide to leave Germany, but Sally finds out that she is pregnant. Sally, unsure if she wants to be a mother and give up her lifestyle at the Kit Kat Club, gets an abortion, and tells Cliff that he must leave without her. 

Will Stapleton is a technical theater and creative writing teacher who chose Cabaret as this year’s school musical.

“I want to choose something with name recognition. Has been very successful in Broadway, many revivals and I wanted to help the kids tell a story that treats them as responsible artists that they are,” said Stapleton.

Stapleton also talked about the reason why he wanted his students to portray this production.

“I didn’t want to under-serve my students by not challenging them with the material (play), that’s what I was really looking forward to for Cabaret and I think it succeeded.” Stapleton said.

Tickets are currently being sold for $12 online, and it is going to run from April 7- April 9. It starts at 7:30.

“I think it would be great for people to come, Cabaret is an experience. It’ll definitely be worth your time,” Virost said.