Spring Break!

Daytona beach view

Daytona beach view

Spring Break is a week off of school to relax as the warm weather hits.  It’s a great time to unwind and reset after the stress of school. We  interviewed 30 people to see where they are going for Spring Break this April. 

Most people are going to spend their spring break at the beach. Popular beaches include Myrtle and Ocean Isle. It is a getaway where people go to hear the crashing waves, feel the sand in between their toes, and spend quality time with friends and family. Going shopping is a great time, and so is playing a round of mini golf.

 “The beach is my favorite place to relax and hang out with my friends and family. I love going to Pete’s Sweets at Ocean Isle with my family. We have gone to the same beach since I was born,” a sophomore  at Northwest High School said. 

Florida is another great getaway place. Florida is a place to go for the salty air, and to watch the surfers jump the waves. Lots of  Northwest students are going to cities all over Florida, including Destin, Key West , Orlando  and Jacksonville.

“My family and I go down to Key West and our favorite thing to do is ride our bikes on the beach,” one junior said. 

 Some people even go out of the country. One sophomore is going to spend spring break in Africa on a mission trip.  

“I love to help people in need,” Lane said.                                   

Some Northwest students  just like to stay home and spend time with friends. Some stay  because of college classes or work. 

Whether they are heading out of town or staying close to home, everyone will be glad for time off.