College: Not a Major deal

College: Not a Major deal

The end of the 2021-2022 school year is just around the corner. Next school year, seniors will leave school and take a step toward adulthood; consequently, some will go to college.

As juniors are promoted to seniors, they’ll begin to be more future-focused. Rising juniors and seniors will begin to explore colleges and majors.

Out of 73 students at Northwest High School, 19 of them said that they wanted to pursue an occupation that was science-related. Another 16 stated that they were interested in partaking in a medical-related career. Together, that makes up roughly 48%. Medical and science fields are usually involved in helping people or having a direct impact on someone. The people who are interested in these fields need to be people-oriented and willing to make sacrifices for their career.

Five students were interested in majoring in math, six for business, one for history and six other students for technology. 25% of the students were interested in these majors. These majors are dependent on a person’s technical ability and the ability to think logically. Jobs in these fields rely on motivated people who know how to get the job done. There is a lot of troubleshooting and problem-solving involved in this field.

Six people said that they were interested in going to school for art, one person said they wanted to go for language and one for a literature-related degree. This makes up 11% of the students interviewed. These college majors all have one thing in common: creativity. Interpretation and outside-the-box thinking is important for these degrees. In these fields, the person freely expresses themselves.

The last category was “other” for people who wanted to major in something that was not listed or who were undecided on what they wanted to pursue. 11 people (15% of the people who were interviewed) aren’t quite sure what they want to do. There is nothing wrong with not being certain; some people go to college in their 30s or 40s instead of their 20s and even change their majors mid-year or between semesters.

College isn’t for everyone. Some people would rather take on a family business, go to trade school or make their own innovative business. College is a personal decision, and not everybody has to go if that isn’t what they are interested in doing; however, college may be a good path for some.

The year is progressing and seniors are preparing for college as underclassmen begin to think about their future majors. It is important to note that people’s interests change with time and what someone wants to major in isn’t definite.