Pi Day


It’s National Pi Day! Around the country, people are “celebrating” 3.14. But what exactly is Pi Day? 

Pi is the math term for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The first calculation of Pi was done by the ancient Greek scholar, Archimedes of Syracuse. When you measure anything circular, it’s determined that a circle is around three or more times its width, which lands on 3.14 as the determined number. Pi is constant and always the same for any circle of any size. 

Jeaninne Kivi teaches Math 3 at Northwest High School and enjoys Pi Day. 

“We like to celebrate it and will eat anything round, and we do things that teach (the students) how to calculate pi,” Kivi said. “I think it’s just the fun of kids having fun with math.” 

Every year on March 14, pizza shops have specials in honor of Pi Day.  

“I remember when there was a class lunch that period and a mother brought in six pizzas for the whole class,” Kivi said. 

Papa John’s has a special that allows a customer to purchase a large pizza for $3.14 after the purchase of a large pizza at full price.  

Math has never been more delicious!