Mobile Makeover


This year at Northwest Guilford High, the PTSO has created a mobile makeover project. The social studies and OCS classes are all stuck in the mobiles, which are very old and outdated . The rugs are worn out and some of the ramps to get into the trailers have holes in the wood, which is very unsafe for everyone.  That’s why they need a makeover. 

 The PTSO has gotten sponsors for each trailer. There was an interest meeting held on January 22, 2022. It was an information session for those who are interested in adopting a mobile. The meeting specifically requested local builders, developers, realtors, subcontractors, material providers and local businesses to help renovate the 24 mobiles. Those sponsors will get a plaque on their mobile. Big donors will get shoutouts on social media and the PTSO newsletter and website. 

 “ I was a little upset when I came to Northwest and found out I would be in the trailers because they usually have a lot of heat and air problems, so I am very excited to make over my trailer,”  history teacher Molly Joyce said. 

“I’m hoping we can paint the walls and maybe get new carpet that will make it feel more like home,” Joyce said. 

Joyce has been in the trailers for two years, but there are also teachers who have been in the trailers since they were put there, which was in the late 1990s.

 “I have been here for a very long time and I would love it if we could change the trailers,” history teacher Paul Egleston said. Egleston has taught history in the mobiles since 2003.

 “I have had problems with the bathrooms in the past and I can’t wait until my kids can go to the bathroom in my room instead of having to walk in the building,” Egleston said. 

“I have been in the mobiles since 1999, and it has been nice to be outside between classes and always have access to a bathroom and water fountain,  but my carpet is stained in multiple areas and contains dirt and mildew, “said Mr. Shue.  

The condition of the mobiles does not make some students excited about their classroom.

“I hate the trailers. They are nasty. I can never go to the bathroom which means I have to walk all the way inside to go to the bathroom, so I am just ready for them to be repaired and be able to go to the bathroom while in history class,” said junior Bryson Morris.

It is not convenient to walk all the way to the bathroom from the mobiles because it takes a while.  

Luckily, changes are coming.

“The mobile makeover meeting had a great turnout, with board members, town council members, etc. We have large companies and private families that have donated thus far. We have 18 mobiles that have been adopted and we still have five left, plus the health sciences quad that still needs adopting,” said principal Ashley Young.