What is wrestling?


sent in by Andrew Harger

Northwest wrestling team


Although wrestling is present in almost every school throughout the state and nation , the sport of wrestling is commonly misunderstood. Wrestling involves commitment, strength and determination.

Northwest wrestling team (sent in by Andrew Harger)

At Northwest High School, the wrestling team is starting a new season.  They have a legacy of excellence and won the state championship in 2019. 

“What makes a successful wrestling team is having everyone dedicated and working for the goal, even your weakest link,” said junior  Drew Pepin.

“To have a successful wrestling team, everyone on the team has to be dedicated to the team. That means working hard in practice and being smart about making your weight class,” said junior Andrew Harger .

To win a wrestling match, you have to get a certain amount of points, or you have to pin the other person. Points depend on  the moves the athletes  use. There are multiple ways that wrestlers can get points in wrestling.

Wrestler Isaac Woodlief  during a match. (Sent in by Isaac Woodlief)

“You get points for tackling. You get points for putting the person on their back. You get points for escaping if someone takes you down, and the person with the most points wins,” said  Pepin. 

Junior Isaac Woodlief elaborated on how to get points. 

“Points are acquired from takedowns and escapes. A takedown is when one wrestler takes the other one off his feet and down to the mat and gains full control. If I get a takedown and we end up out of bounds, we would then reset with me in the top position because I last had control,” said  Woodlief. 

Wrestlers have to face their opponent and battle on the mat, using the different techniques  to  pin their opponent or get points.

“You get points for controlling the other person,” said  Harger.

Wrestler Drew Pepin after winning a match. (Sent in by Drew Pepin)

In wrestling, there are also tops and bottoms. 

“The top and the bottom positions  are determined by who was last in control. If I get a takedown and we end up out of bounds we would then reset with me in top position because I had control last,” said Woodlief. 

One of the moves is the  takedown, which is where one wrestler takes the other wrestler down on the mat and controls them from the top. An escape is when the wrestler is on the bottom, and escapes to neutral position without reversing the other player. Reversal when the wrestler is on the bottom  and reverses it to the top position. 

“Something I’ve grown to love over the last few years is shooting right off the whistle. Nobody expects it and it’s usually an easy takedown,” said  Woodlief. 

One of the major parts of wrestling is weight classes. Weight classes are defined by six  or seven  pounds, starting around 106, and heading up from there. Weight classes are in place to protect the wrestlers from any damage.

“ Weight classes are a thing that keeps us safe, so that Kyle , who’s 113 pounds, doesn’t have to wrestle Nick, who’s 270 pounds,” said Woodlief.

As the season starts or even a few days before a match, wrestlers place themselves on a strict diet to try and get down to a lower weight class. Wrestling diets are all about balance among the amount they eat,  the amount of exercise they get and the amount they weigh.

Wrestler Isaac Woodlief after winning a match. (Sent in by Isaac Woodlief)

 “You have to be really disciplined when you want to eat something that you shouldn’t. It’s really about what you put in your body to how you lose weight to how you let your body perform,” said Harger. 

Weight  is one of the biggest parts. Your weight is what determines who you wrestle, and how probable  your outcome is of winning.

 “ You may be wrestling someone that eats a lot more than you and has a lot more energy. So that’s what makes the sport so hard. You have to stick to your diet, and eat small portions of healthy foods while trying to overpower the other person,” said  Pepin. 

 Our wrestling team needs your support. Go to a match and cheer on the Northwest wrestlers  and show your support. Our school has a great team that deserves  attention. 

“I’d say wrestling is the most slept-on sport. Most people I know make fun of it,” said  Woodlief.  

“Home matches we get all the parents , and maybe 10 to 20 kids from the school, “ said  Harger. 

Junior, Andrew Harger (Sent in by Andrew Harger)

  There is a home dual later in the year against Lake Norman High School  on 12/15 in the Northwest High School Auxiliary Gym. Please join us and help cheer on the team. 

“It would be nice to have a student section this year,” said Pepin.