A community within a community: Families4Families

Families4Families Logo

Families4Families Logo

People in a community have a natural desire to help each other. Families4Families is a club at Northwest High School that does exactly that.

Families4Families is dedicated to help people experiencing homelessness by providing them necessary items such as food and clothing to improve their daily life. They are partnered with the Interactive Resource Center of Greensboro, who takes these donated items and distributes them among the homeless people of downtown Greensboro. 

“I can take my privilege and give some of it to other people and I can rally together a community that has people who do have the privilege to give items to people who may don’t have that privilege,” Kara Dell, club leader, said. “When I was younger I really wanted to help people as best as I could.”

Dell shared her goals for Families4Families.

Families4Families Donation

“I want to improve the following and get more people on board with the club to get more collections and more items for people experiencing homelessness.” said Dell.

The club’s most recent fundraiser consisted of club members volunteering to collect items for people who need it. Another fundraiser that’s coming up is a FunRun at the school; however, the date is still being decided on. Students are encouraged to attend the FunRun once dates are finalized. 

“We are trying new ways of raising canned foods… I can’t wait to see what we do throughout the year,” Vice President Bella Haulter said.

Families4Families Fundraiser

A relatively small club, around 20 active members, can make the difference in the community with just the motivation to put others before themselves. Dell stated that the majority of her club members are sophomores. You can check out their Instagram page at @Families4familiesnwgso1 to help bring awareness and publicity to this helpful organization.