What makes a good Disney movie?


Art of Inside Out (Character design reference) “Inside Out” motion picture Walt Disney Animation 2015

Since 1937, Disney has been releasing animated movies loved by children and adults. But what makes them so widely enjoyed? Disney is a popular international company that often collaborates with Pixar and has made 21 Pixar-Disney movies. Their target audience is children, but they are also loved by adults. Is the appeal from an emotional connection? Is it the colorfully detailed animation and the look of the movie? Or is it how they make us feel?  

“Disney has a way of making me feel comforted,” said sophomore Ava Gurrera. 

Feedback and ratings can shape how successful a movie is and how much it makes. For example, when “Inside Out” was released on June 19, 2016, it was given a 98% rating by Rotten Tomatoes users and the movie made $858.8 million USD at the box office.   

This is a big difference from “Chicken Little,” which was released Oct. 30, 2005 was given a 38% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes and only made $314.4 million USD.  “Inside Out” is an emotional film that is easy for viewers to connect with since everyone has been through the teen phase, with hormones and mood swings causing us to lash out on the ones we love. 

 Everyone feels happy, alone, embarrassed, loved and angry. “Inside Out” helps show how our emotions can take over and get the best of us sometimes. What can make a good Disney movie is that it is something everyone can relate to on a deep level but allows us to have a good laugh.  

Wall-E on the other hand, shows the future of humans when we stop caring about the environment and robots take over because humanity essentially becomes “boring.” The movie is emotional because it shows love interests and the future of humanity crumbling. 

Movies like “Wall-E,” “Moana” and “Monsters Inc.” have tension, which puts us on the edge of our seats. By the middle of the movie, we want to keep watching because we have made emotional connections to the characters, and we care about what will happen next.   

Disney’s new streaming service Disney + is pulling in more money and giving easier access to many of their animated films. 

According to Disney viewers around the world, the most favorited Disney movies is “Frozen,” with 1.9 million votes from countries around the world, and “Avatar,” coming in second. I asked people what their favorite Disney movies were. 

 “Ratatouille is the best. I like the scenery of how Remy is looking over Paris, and the music is so soothing,” sophomore Ruthie Richardson said.  

“Mulan,” sophomore Elsie Abaka-Mensah said. 

 “Tangled… I love the music and story line of enemies to lovers,” said junior Mariella Castillo said. 

Whether it’s a princess fairy tale or a rat that’s a chef, there’s a story that’s told. Walt Disney Animation has a great way of showing it. What are some of your favorite Disney movies?