Senior Spotlight – Adria Schimmenti


Adria Schimmenti is a senior at Northwest High School. She is a member of the FCCLA  and a dancer at Nan’s School of dance. She plans to attend the University of Central Florida, where she will be doing a double major in dance and social media. 

Schimmenti has danced for 15 years at Nan’s School of Dance. She first started dancing when she was three years old. The second that she walked into the studio, she knew it was the sport for her. 

“I’m still in dance because it has become my passion in life, and it is a way to release all my emotions,” Schimmenti said. 

Her favorite part is being around her team to support each other. The more she dances, the more she falls in love with the sport, especially in hip-hop. 

If Schimmenti could choose one person to look up to, she would choose her mom.

 “My mom is the most hardworking person I know. She has always been my number one fan through everything. She inspires me every day to keep pushing and never give up,” said Schimmenti.

Schimmenti has one piece of advice for any going through high school with extracurricular activities: Make a schedule 

When Schimmenti makes her schedule for the week, she always makes sure that there is time for herself and to regroup.

 “Work hard, but also make sure to enjoy the experience. The years go by fast. It’s crazy how much has happened in four years,” said Schimmenti.

Next year Schimmenti is looking forward to the new experiences and people she will meet in college and beyond.

 “I am excited to make dancing my full career and do what I love every day, while also learning how to be independent and successful. I want to do social media because it is such a huge, growing part of our society,”said Schimmenti.