What is technical theater?

What is technical theater?

Do you know what technical theater is? Technical theater is a group of people that help create a stage production such as a play or musical. 

Technical theater roles include construction, the ones that help with tools, lighting, sound check, spotlight and fashion design; and the stage managers. Technical theater is a supportive environment; everyone is included. 

Recently, there was a talent show called “The Night of the Musical Theater.” 

“It was last Friday (November 12th), and it was basically a talent show, but with people singing musical theater songs,” junior Maria Carrera said. 

It had 7-9 acts with familiar songs from the films “Dear Evan Hansen” and “The Prom.”  

Currently the students are making a gigantic board for students, teachers, and parents to check out.  

“I really like the class; they are really open and diverse. They’re really accepting in general, and I feel safe there,” sophomore Kaitlyn Guinn said. 

There’s a big musical coming up: “Cabaret.”  

“Joining theatre is creating a different version of yourself and seeing how creative you could become, so audition for Cabaret to see if it inspires you!” senior Sarah Nadelson said.  

Auditions took place on the 29th and 30th of November.