The Club Crasher enters the ring with the Media Advisory Council


Photo courtesy of Colleen Pinyan

Club members chat and make decorations.

This week the Northwest Club Crasher visited the Media Advising Council, formerly known as Friends of Viking Media Center, to see exactly what they do. According to the NWHS club catalog, the goal of Media Advising Council is to “transform library services and programming at Northwest.” They help with displays, events, media center decorations and each other to positively impact Northwest’s library.

Club members pose with their Halloween book covers. (Photo courtesy of Colleen Pinyan )
Two Club members help with the library books. (Photo courtesy of Colleen Pinyan )

The day I went to check out the Media Advisory Council, they had a board meeting with the leaders of the club. They talked about the plans for the winter season like events and media decorations. The club members made plans that were inclusive to all religious holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah and Hispanic traditions.

“The meetings are like organized chaos,” said Harleigh Freeman. This was echoed by Colleen Pinyan, the club organizer and media specialist.

 I would have to agree, but I also believe with the “organized chaos,” it was an open, welcome environment. One of the members even asked me if I had any ideas, which emphasized the feeling of inclusivity.

The Media Center Council is not reliant on the club advisor to run. The club is self-sufficient, running on its own with occasional guidance from the club’s advisor. For the club being newly founded, it is incredible to see that they are so enthusiastic and engaged in what they are doing. The student leadership shown is impressive; going into the club and watching them get to doing their respective roles was inspiring.

I got to chat with Tonee Macrohon, secretary; Ashley Wan, culture connection; Harleigh Freeman, president; Jillian Fuchs, vice president of communications; and T’Aira Campbell. They were a lovely bunch of students who were super respectful and welcoming.

“This club feels more like a support group,” said Jillian Fuchs.

The general stance of the club with the board members was that a fun experience is what the club was about and reflects the club’s members; they enjoy it so much that everything they do is a fun experience. The club members also really love the club organizer, media specialist Mrs. Pinyan.

The Media Advisory Council host an open mic night for people to come in and enjoy. Their open mic night is also inclusive to everyone, as it does not revolve around just singing and is open to anyone who wants to share their talents.

“The media center is more lively,” said Harleigh Freeman.

I can agree; the media center prior to the arrival of Colleen Pinyan and Media Advisory Council was silent and empty. Now, with the arrival of the two, the Northwest Media Center has a spark of new life and has become a bright and shiny place, a place in the school where students are welcomed and enjoyed, all thanks to their amazing work.

 After visiting the Media Advisory Council, I can conclude that the environment is incredibly inclusive, student- focused and most of all, fun. You should go and check out the club Wednesdays during Flex, although you can meet members of the club there beyond just Wednesdays. If you are not planning to join the club, you should try taking a trip to the media center to check out their amazing work.