Co-athletes of the week: Duncan Glover and Joe Hirvonen


photo contributed by Duncan Glover

Senior captains Duncan Glover and Joe Hirvonen celebrate after a goal. They were both named all-conference for the season.

Senior captains Duncan Glover and Joe Hirvonen led the varsity boys’ lacrosse team into the state quarterfinals this year. Both Glover (39 goals, 28 assists, 67 points) and Hirvonen (32 goals, 21 assists, 53 points) were named all-conference. Statistics provided by MaxPreps.

What is your favorite part about playing lacrosse for Northwest?

Hirvonen: “Spending time and playing with the boys that I grew up playing with (was my favorite part).”

Glover: “My favorite part about being a part of the Northwest lacrosse team is that it gives me the ability to meet new people and connect with some of the underclassmen that I really thought I never would have met.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Hirvonen:I usually just sit in my locker listening to music or I go throw the ball a little before the game.”

Glover: “As a team, we always gather before our games and say a prayer.”

When did you start playing lacrosse?

Hirvonen:I started playing lacrosse about 8 or 9 years ago.”

Glover: “(I started playing) 9 years (ago).”

Do you still enjoy the sport years later?

Hirvonen: “I’m just happy we got to have a season after it being cancelled this year.”

Glover: “After 9 years of playing lacrosse, nothing has ever topped it. It is fast paced, physical, and you have to use your brain to play efficiently.”

What’s your favorite memory from this season?

Hirvonen : “My favorite memory was definitely beating Page on their senior night; that was a big game.”

Glover: “My favorite memory from this season would have to be scoring the overtime goal in the first round of state playoffs at Northwest.”

How did being a senior captain affect your outlook on this season?

Hirvonen: “I knew this was it, and the captains really tried to convey the message that each game could be our last and to leave all out on the field.”

Glover: “Being a team captain this year really made me bond with all of the players on the team because I realized that some look up to me. I knew it was really important to set the tone for not only the rest of the season but for years to come.”

How do you balance school and a varsity sport, especially during the pandemic?

Hirvonen: “It’s a really tough balance; (there were) many nights staying up late and trying to manage time as best as possible.”

Glover: “Trying to balance the two was no easy task; the help of teachers at school, family at home, and friends in my life who were having to go through the same adversity made it easier to get through because I knew I wasn’t going through it alone.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Hirvonen: “My biggest accomplishment is definitely scoring over 100 points; that’s a big milestone, and it feels good knowing all the hard work paid off.”

Glover: “Being named captain was really big for me because I aspired to be a leader on the varsity squad since my freshman year on JV.”

What are your college plans?

Hirvonen: “I will be playing lacrosse in the fall for Guilford College, majoring in business administration with a minor in sports management.”

Glover: “I am still undecided, but I would like to major in computer science.”

Anything you would like to add?

Hirvonen: “This season was certainly different, but our team rallied together to make it special–great group of guys to go out with.”