5K run with ORYA


Participants run the 5k in Oak Ridge park. Photographer: Evan Edwards

On Feb. 20th, the Oak Ridge Youth Association and Little Pink Houses of Hope held a 5k run to raise money for the Little Pink Houses of Hope charity. The 5k was held at Oak Ridge Park and was 3.1 miles. The Oak Ridge Youth Association is a volunteer organization that meets at Oak Ridge Park weekly. Many students from Northwest are involved and also Oak Ridge Sports are through ORYA. 

“Little Pink Houses of Hope club usually does bake sales at the school to raise money during lunches to raise money,” senior and leader of Little Pink Houses of Hope Ashely Cox said. “This year, obviously we couldn’t do that, so we had to think of another fundraiser, and the 5k idea came about, I was already part of ORYA, so I brought the idea to them so we could work together.” 

Little Pink Houses of Hope is a non-profit Breast Cancer Organization for patients and their families in Burlington, they provide free retreats for patient and family rehabilitation. 

“We had a max of 100 people that were allowed to come due to restrictions, and there were 4 races throughout the day, in total we had about 65 people come and 30 volunteers,” Cox said.

The 5k raised a total of a thousand dollars for the organization, far more than has been raised in the school bake sale in past years. 

“It made me feel great that I was able to help people out in my community,” Cox said.