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Banner for the Library Curbside Pickup service. Students can request books to be picked up at Northwest.

Throughout the school year, media specialist Colleen Pinyan has been behind the scenes, planning trivia nights, solving technical issues, and coordinating events.

As the year progresses, Pinyan hopes to continue providing services and resources to the Northwest community.

“We provide good customer service and libraries are a lot more than books,” Pinyan said. “We’re about resources.”

Pinyan also has a team of students behind her: the Media Services class. Students in the Media Services class don’t typically meet with Pinyan during regular class times. Instead, they work on projects and help plan events in the media center.

“(Media Services) is not just about learning the Dewey Decimal System,” Pinyan said. “It’s about learning how to help people.”

One student, senior Paige Moore, was able to interview a student artist on the sixth episode of the Voice of the Viking podcast.

“The first girl that I interviewed–her name is Maddie Boykin–was an art student.,” Moore said. “I wanted to know how art her art was affected by online school. She’s actually a really close friend of mine, so we went off just talking and, and (the podcast) ended up being 35 minutes long.”

This podcast, which can be found here, is the latest installment in the “Voice of the Viking” podcast which Pinyan hopes will draw the Northwest community closer together as students and teachers are interviewed.

In addition to producing a podcast, Pinyan sends out three newsletters to the Northwest community.

“I started the podcast was to build a community to extend the Viking community beyond the four walls at Northwest. For the newsletters, it was for the same thing,” Pinyan said. “I kept getting emails with people asking the same information a lot. And so I decided to put together an email. This year, I have a newsletter for students, parents, and staff; I do three different newsletters because every because each group has three unique sets of needs.”

One of the main features of the most recent newsletter student newsletter, found here, is the cultural center. Clicking on the “Celebrate Native American Heritage Month” button transports the viewer where they can learn about the different Native American tribes in North Carolina and review the Native American book collection.

The library also provides a service Pinyan calls “Library Curbside Delivery.” Students are able to fill out this form indicating their books they would like to borrow. If students don’t have a specific book in mind, they can indicate their genre preferences and Pinyan will choose books for students.

In the next few weeks, Pinyan plans to hold more events in the Northwest community.

“We are going to have a trivia challenge soon,” Pinyan said. “We’re going to be putting out a ‘Holidays Around the World’ newsletter, and it is going to have trivia questions. And if you answer the trivia questions correctly,  you can choose from your own button design.  In January, we’re going to have a bingo board for Library Curbside Checkout.  If you check out five books from the library at Curbside Delivery, you can get a special button.”

In addition to these events, Pinyan hopes to continue offering support to the Northwest community.

“Even though a library is not open, I’m here to help (students),” Pinyan said. “Students can still access library resources and if they need help with getting started on research projects, I’m here for that. Please reach out to me if you need help.”

To stay connected with the library, visit the official Northwest Media Center Instagram @nwhs_media.

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