New tennis courts open at Northwest


Kimberly Brown

The new Northwest tennis courts are pictured here. The courts will be opened on Monday, November 16th.

    After months of hard work, the new Northwest tennis courts will open on Monday, Nov. 16th.  Boys and Girls Tennis coach Bill Davidson is excited about these new courts.

    “I was very pleased with how they started looking (when I first saw the courts),” Davidson said.

    Before being replaced, the Northwest tennis courts looked very different. 

    “I thought (the red-colored courts) were a nice change from the green,”  Davidson said.  “The color of red we got was not exactly our school color, but it is as close as we can get.”

  In addition to being bright red, the tennis courts are slightly higher than before, a result of the compacted asphalt under these new courts.  

    “Whenever you go to lay asphalt, which is what these courts are, you have to take the ground under the asphalt and pack it tightly. Then, put the asphalt on top,” Davidson said.  “With these courts, instead of just ripping up the (old tennis courts), (Court One, tennis court builders) ground them up and packed that into the ground. It is so well compacted that the contractor told me it’s going to take an act of God and for them to crack.”

    That’s good news for Davidson and tennis players who like to frequent the tennis courts throughout the year.  Since it had been built more than 10 years ago, the courts have been frequently patched.  Despite Davidson’s efforts to decrease the effects of the cracks, court three eventually became unusable due to the number and size of the cracks.

    Junior Emma White, a member of the Girls Tennis team, recalls these former courts.

    “There’s a bunch of cracks all over the courts. It’s dangerous (to play),” White said.

    The courts were originally built over 10 years ago during the same period that the Fieldhouse and New Building were built.  After only a few years, cracks began to appear, a result of the ground moving under the courts. 

    In response to the poorly-made courts, the Guilford County Schools system filed a lawsuit against the original tennis court builders.  A settlement was reached, which paid for the new Northwest tennis courts, built by Court One.

    Now, the courts are in much better condition and are ready for the upcoming tennis season.

    “I’m happy that we have a nice facility that our community will appreciate,” Davidson said.