“Terror Trail” triples collections for charity from last year


Kaylen Ayres

A clown actor hides in the trees, ready to scare a group. The Oak Ridge Teen Leadership Program collected $1,300 and 600 cans through its “Terror Trail” this year.

The Oak Ridge Youth Association Teen Leadership Program  hosted its annual “Terror Trail” on Oct. 23 and 24 at Oak Ridge Town Park. The program asked for $5 or three canned goods for admission.

The trail collected $1,300 and 600 cans, which were triple the earnings from last year. The monetary proceeds are benefitting the Salvation Army, while the canned goods are benefitting ORUMC Backpack Ministry.

“It’s incredible to think that enough people came out and showed support, especially with all the proceeds going to charity,” senior Nick Gervasi said.

Gervasi is the vice president of the program, so he played a big role in making decisions about the trail this year.

“It felt really nice being a ‘leader’ so to speak,” Gervasi said. “I had a great time.”

Senior Alexandra Yancey also played a big role in preparing the trail.

“I was a scene leader, (so my job was) preparing props and coordinating volunteers,” Yancey said. “It was a lot of fun!”

For safety purposes, everyone was required to wear masks. The size of tour groups was reduced, and guests had to sign up online for certain time slots.

“COVID definitely made things tricky and made us think more about how many people could be in each group,” Gervasi said. “We had to make sure everyone wore a mask. A majority of it was easy though thanks to the Key Club and all those who volunteered.”

The trail was originally scheduled for Oct. 30 and 31, but due to weather conditions and storm damage, both days were canceled.