Seniors drive by for their cap and gown


Former Principal Ralph Kitley poses in the artsy picture frame made for he passing seniors. Since there is no graduation ceremony for him to come back to this year, he made an appearance at yesterday’s event.

With Kona Ice, enthusiastic teachers and sugar cookies, the Northwest staff made the most of the unfortunate ending of the 2020 school year. Due to the COVID-19 the most memorable time of senior year that included prom, graduation and a hypnotist, was thrown away along with the rest of the school year.

May 4 brought the students back to school for a drive through style cap and gown pick up. Students were able see their teachers and former principal Ralph Kitley from six feet back and even got treated to Kona Ice and custom cookies.

Entering through by the senior lot, they pulled up and waved to friends in passing cars. They rolled their windows down for passing people with treats and signs as they waited to get to the front. The first pick up area brought an envelope with the class picture that was taken previously where the grade stood in the form of a giant “20.” Lastly, they took a picture in a frame with Kitley and received their cap and gown.

Although their senior year did not end as expected, the Northwest staff still appreciates their loyalty throughout the past four years at the school. The 2020 class is not alone in this time of uncertainty–senior classes everywhere are missing out on all the fun past classes got to experience. The global slogan “In this together” is prominent as students wave a final goodbye to their 12 years of education.