Northwest cafeteria staff provides the inside scoop


Northwest High School’s cafeteria staff is preparing for the day. They are getting the meals ready for the students.

A typical student’s school day consists of arriving at school, going to class, eating lunch, and then going home. Many don’t even think about or know of the school staff that provides their lunch.

Pam Goad is the Child Nutrition Manager at Northwest and has been working here for about 15 years. Goad’s favorite part of the job is when students relate to the cafeteria staff and talks to them. The customer service aspect of the job is what attracted her to become a cafeteria staff worker.

“I like food service, students, and enjoy people, so at the time it seemed like a good opportunity,” Goad said.

Goad and her cafeteria staff makes sure that they provide the best food possible to the students.

“Our food comes off Cisco—we get the same food that a restaurant gets,” Goad said. “They (students) don’t realize that this is a restaurant and that we work hard in here.”

Goad provides a wide variety of food options and provides those options consistently throughout the four lunches.

“We give you every choice that we can offer and I try to make sure that we don’t run out of food,” Goad said.

In addition to a consistent wide variety of food options, homemade foods are also provided.

“We make our salads daily, our spaghetti is homemade, our lasagna is homemade, and our chicken pie is homemade,” Goad said. “People think that school food is pre-packaged—not always.”

The Northwest cafeteria staff also makes sure that the food they provide is fresh food.

“We don’t keep any leftovers,” Goad said. “You’re paying for this food, so you should get fresh food.”

Goad has been working in the school system for 26 years and has not had problems with workers or with students.

“You have to learn to adapt to changes—if it’s your job, you have to cope with it,” Goad said. “I have had no problems with changes—I have had no problems with the students.”

Outside of work, Goad enjoys going to church, watching and playing sports, going to the beach, and going to the mountains.

“I like it about anywhere—anywhere that I can visit, I enjoy,” Goad said. “I enjoy life.”