Artist Profile: Grace Reaves


Junior Grace Reaves is an AP 2D art student

What kind of art do you do or enjoy doing? 

I mostly paint and draw (visual arts).

How long have you been in the art department?

Junior Sarah Reaves does her most recent AP art piece with colored pencil and charcoal.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a year of school without being in an art class. For high school I started out in Art 1, and now I am in AP 2D art.

What’s your favorite thing about art?

My favorite thing about are is how calming the process is. It’s very therapeutic for me.

How long have you been doing art? 

I have been doing art since I was a kid. My grandmother loved to paint so I started when I would spend time with her.

What are your favorite styles of art?

My favorite styles are surrealism and realism.

Who’s your favorite artist? 

My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh( basic, I know). I love both his art and his story, he is very inspirational to me.

Do you plan to do art in college? 

Being an art major is definitely a possibility for me, but most likely I will go to college for psychology.