Athlete of the week: Ava Overmyer


Sophomore Ava Overmyer goes for the goal at one of her lacrosse games. This is the attackers main job.

Sophomore Ava Overmyer is a well known and important player on the Northwest girls varsity lacrosse team. Her position, attack, means that she is one of the main point scorers for the team.

What is your favorite part about playing lacrosse for Northwest?

“My favorite part of the sport is being part of a team and playing with a lot of great people,” Overmyer said.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“I don’t really have any rituals but my hype song is Thunderstruck by AC/DC,” Overmyer said.

When did you start playing lacrosse?

“I started playing in seventh grade and I still love to play even now,” Overmyer said.

Do you still enjoy the sport years later?

“I’ve played many other sports but lacrosse just stuck and it has been my favorite by far,” Overmyer said.

How do you balance school work and a varsity sport?

“It’s really hard during the season especially having late games,” Overmyer said. “I do my best to keep up with my homework and stay focused in school.”

Do you plan to continue the sport throughout the rest of high school?

“I definitely will continue to play throughout high school but I haven’t decided whether I want to play in college of not,” Overmyer said.