Staying positive in a negative world


Two students hangout after class laughing at social media posts. Taking a break with friends can help boost your mood.

In an increasingly negative society, it is difficult to stay positive. Finding people or things in your life that can affect your mood in a positive way and influence your outlook and attitude is crucial.

For most people, the everyday stress of life, whether it be work or school is enough to alter their outlook on their life as a whole.

“Due to outward perception, we are more and more increasingly exposed to stimuli because of how connected we are,” junior Landon Alison said.

Many people agree and believe that social media and other online resources have contributed to a more negative thinking.

“Social media definitely has an impact on attitudes,” senior Addison Middleton said. “People are always complaining, not to mention the negative energy in politics.”

The recent tension in politics has definitely put many on edge and has encouraged argumentative thinking.

“There are more reasons to get angry and feel different emotions anger is more likely to be the cause of spreading than positive,” Alison said. “Positive stories are more likely to not be shared.”

Even with the negativity in our society there are ways to cope and deal with the emotions and feelings whether it be through friends and family or just adjusting one’s outlook.

“My friends play a big role in my mood,” Middleton said. “I try to find positive friends who uplift me and won’t drag me down.”

Finding people who are able to help through the bad times and radiate positivity are extremely useful.

“I put myself back into the reality that the stuff that I see online and the stuff that I interact is my outside world,” Alison said. “Spending time by myself helps keep my internal environment happy and my mental health good.”

Keeping your mental health in a good place is also necessary for not falling into a cycle of negative.

“The world can seem very negative, and it can bring you down and make you very pessimistic at times,” Alison said. “Keep your head up there is a lot of positivity in the world, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean its not there.”