Artist profile: Austin Liebgott


Austin Liebgott poses for a photo. He is a current AP art student who has won many awards at Northwests school art show.

Austin Liebgott is a senior at Northwest with a passion for art. While maintaining excellent grades and participating in many school wide activities, Liebgott continues to make great strides in his artistry. 

He is well known all over the school for his realistic and vintage drawings.

“I have been doing art as long as I can remember,” Liebgott said. “Even when I was a little kid I was drawing stuff.”

His drawing career really began to take off just as he began high school. 

“Freshman year I won judges choice award in the art show and junior year I won people’s choice award,” Liebgott said.

Since then he has become an officer in the National Art Honors Society and has inspired others with his artwork.

“My grandpa used to sketch with us when we were kids and my dad is an architect,” Liebgott said.

Liebgott has been developing his skills for many years along with the guidance and help from faculty in the art department.

“I think that if you have the skills (Northwest) can foster the skills to get better,” Liebgott said.

He is currently in AP art as well as an art lab which enables him an opportunity to work with others and get help whenever necessary.

“It’s not as much teaching more helping you to do what you can,” Liebgott said.

Most of his time is spent drawing what he loves.

“My favorite thing to draw is cars,” Liebgott said. “Both sides of my family are from Detroit and they all work around cars.”

Although he doesn’t necessarily plan to continue art as a career he hopes to use his skills and interests to his advantage. 

“I want to do industrial design and want to work in automotive design,” Liebgott said.