Principal Kitley serves PTSO lottery winner pizza


Mr. Kitley serves a Domino’s pizza to students. Pictures from PTSO.

    On the day of Valentines, Principal Ralph Kitley served sophomore Sarah McIvan pizza to help the PTSO.

    McIvan found out she won the Wednesday, which was to her surprise.

    “It was exciting, because I never win things,” McIvan said.

    During the two weeks prior to Valentines, the PTSO sold tickets outside of lunch to enter in the buyers’ choice of five raffles: AirPods Pro, Custom Vans, Gas Card, Starbucks gift basket or a Pizza from Kitley on Valentines. Of all the items raffled, the only one that was an event was the Kitley dinner date. 

    “We are trying to raise money to buy equipment for the auditorium, defibulators, and also to help Mrs.Gilyard with her bathroom project,” PTSO President Stephanie Brady said.

    With the PTSO on the case, they were able to raise funding for the school. With the money, students will be able to have cleaner bathrooms, a better equipped auditorium and more accesses with life saving defibulators.

    While still enjoyable, McIver found the Kitley dinner date not as exciting as originally advertised.

“It was fun to have him serve us pizza, but not worth the hype,” McIver said.

Kitley, on the other hand, found the dinner date a chance to see the students he serves and was enthusiastic. 

    “I thought it was a cool idea to have the principal serve lunch to a student,” Kitley said.

    As Kitley retires at the start of March, the dinner date was one of his chances to interact with the students whilst assisting the PTSO.

“(Kitley) said he would do anything for the school and agreed (to participate) immediately,” Brady said.