New media specialist joins Northwest


Our new Media Specialist, Colleen Pinyan.

Before his retirement March 1, principal Ralph Kitley hired Coleen Pinyan to fill the position media center specialist that Natalie Strange vacated as of Jan. 31.

Pinyan comes to Northwest from the Greensboro Public Library system and has worked as a media center specialist for the past nine years.

What have you done prior to working here?

“I practiced law for five years, I (then) stayed home with my kids for 15 years and started volunteering at their school and fell in love with (being a Media Specialist).” 

Are you excited to work at Northwest?

“Yes, I really have wanted to work in a high school for a while. I really enjoy this age (group).”

What goals do you have this remaining year?

“Mrs. Strange did a fabulous job and has an excellent (record). I think for me the rest of the year I plan to maintain the status quo.”

What future plans do you have for the media center?

“It’s important for me to figure out what the students and teachers/staff want and how to best meet those needs. (I would also like to) bulk up funding for the library from community financial support.”

Do you have any upcoming events in mind for the media center?

“(The) media assistants are going to be planning for 3rd and 4th quarter; (however), I would love to hear student ideas.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“There will be a ‘Blind Date a Book Display’ available soon for Valentine’s in which a student may go pick out a randomly wrapped book and check it out to read.”