Coach enters Wrestling Hall of Fame


Coach Ron Bare

Coach Ron Bare has been teaching wrestling for 31 years, and has recently been inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame NC chapter.

“It’s a really big honor, very few get inducted,” Bare said.

To be a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame one must either have a lifetime service to wrestling, be an outstanding American wrestler or be a wrestler who has overcome “what appear to be an insurmountable (number of) challenges,” the NC Wrestling Hall of Fame says on its website. 

While Bare is not an official member at this time, the banquet will be hosted in May. Bare started his career in high school, where he first began wrestling, and later wrestled in college. Shortly after exiting Elon College he became an assistant wrestling coach, and after a few years became the head wrestling coach. 

“He has had a long career filled with prestige,” sophomore Jed Hampton said.”

— sophomore Jed Hampton

“He has had a long career filled with prestige,” sophomore Jed Hampton said. “I am glad to see him succeed.”

Hampton is a student wrestler who has long been interested in the sport. Amongst one of Hampton’s goals in wrestling is to be able to say that his training from this year would allow him to be able to beat himself the previous year.

“(Coach Bare being in the Wrestling Hall of Fame) assures me that I am being coached by someone who knows what they are doing,” Hampton said.

Of course, no coach is without a team or support. Bare has a long record of success, such as having won the Team Conference Champions 17 times, under his belt. Each win was done with Bare’s guidance and also with the help of his team, their parents and fellow coaches.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have great student athletes and great parent support (as well as) support from assistant coaches,” Bare said. “I’ve had a lot of success.”