Twirp fires up Northwest


Students gather on the dance floor and rock out to popular hit songs. There was also an area for students to sit and have a snack or drink.

The Viking Twirp themed “Fire and Ice” was a success for all grade levels. From eight p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Northwest danced the night away to every song from the DJ.

Saturday Jan. 25 was the fourth annual Twirp, meaning this year’s seniors have been able to experience every second of the original winter formal.

“I was able to go last year, but I thought this years Twirp was better,” senior Sidney Tsui said.

Each year the staff and PTSO work hard to make the dance fun and enjoyable for everyone.

“(My favorite part) was seeing all the kids there just enjoying themselves and having a good time (because) they are good kids,” Rhonda Hudson said. 

Every grade from freshman to senior was able to enjoy themselves without a lot of division between groups. 

“For a few years we didn’t have Twirp, so I’m glad we put it in,” Hudson said. “And it included a lot of underclassmen because sometimes with prom and everything they don’t feel included.”

Since the whole school was able to participate, the venue was full with dresses and tuxes. 

“The only issue I had was that it was very crowded,” Tsui said. “But that is expected since all four grade levels are allowed to participate unlike prom.”

There were a few snacks to pick from including Chex-mix and cookies and drinks such as water and punch. This was light because most students ate out before the dance.

“We took pictures before and then went to Greenvalley Grill for dinner,” sophomore Dylan Logan. 

The DJ was the same one as last year and most students enjoyed his choices, however some were not as thrilled. 

“I did not like the DJ, I thought he could have played better music,” Logan said. “I didn’t like how he was trying to remix all of the songs.”

Also, those on the dance floor were not always dancing, there were a lot of loiterers in the center of the floor. 

“I think the students could have spread out more,” Logan said. “Everyone kept going on the dance floor just to stand.”

Other than a few drawbacks, students were thoroughly entertained by the dance and the music. 

“The best part was being able to spend time with my boyfriend and friends,” Tsui said. “Over all I think this year’s Twirp was a success.”

School dances are very spread out during the year, but the student body’s ability to come in and let loose among their friends for a few hours can create memories. 

“I wish we could do more like that because you’re just having fun,” Hudson said. “Y’all are young and you should be doing things that make you happy.”