Athlete of the Week: Robbie Boulton


Robbie Boulton is a senior on the boys’ basketball team. He is a guard on the varsity basketball team.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball?

“I love playing with my teammates,” Boulton said.

When did you start playing the sport?

“I started when I was in first grade,” Boulton said.

Were you good at the sport when you first started?

“I was by far the worst on the team,” Boulton said.

Do you have any post-game rituals?

“I like to shower and sleep,” Boulton said.

How does your team get ready for a big game?

“We listen to hype music in the locker room,” Boulton said.

How has the sport changed over the years?

“Basketball is a very evolutionary game,” Boulton said. “Back in the day it was a big mans game but now if you can shoot threes you can play at any level.”

Do you still enjoy the sport years after you started?

“I started getting serious about basketball in seventh grade so it is still very fresh and fun,” Boulton said.

How do you manage school and a varsity sport?

“I actually play two varsity sports and time management is difficult but I manage,” Boulton said.