Artist profile: Matisse Ritenis


photo contributed by Matisse Ritenis

Freshman Matisse Ritenis poses with an art piece that he's done. He used acrylic and spray paint.

Freshman Matisse Ritenis has been involved with art his entire life. His love of art came from his grandparents.

“I wanted to always be creative and continue on my grandparents’ legacy,” Ritenis said. “They were the ones who taught me most of it.”

Ritenis has been taking art classes since elementary school. Currently in Beginning Art, he hopes to increase course difficulty throughout high school.

His favorite medium is graphite or pencil. Ritenis used this for his favorite piece that he’s done, “Drawing Hands” by M.C. Escher.

“My strong suit is creating realistic pieces,” Ritenis said.

Ritenis has won a few awards from art shows from school and submitted a piece in the Greensboro art show.

Ritenis doesn’t know exactly what he’d like to do after high school but has a few ideas.

“I would like to do sports, sports medicine or something art related,” Ritenis said.