Leaky roofs present incentive to renovate


A picture of the Northwest trailers. The roof above is often prone to leaking during rainy weather, similar to the English hallway.

Northwest High’s halls have often experienced leaky roofs during bad weather. This issue started around two years ago due to the building’s age; the worst leaks can be witnessed in the English hallway and the walkway leading towards the history trailers.

“I have occasionally noticed the roofs leaking and have heard complaints about these leakages from my classmates and friends,” junior Hishi Ulak said.

Trash cans would line the hallway as temporary solutions as work orders could sometimes take months to be processed, even as the Guilford County Schools maintenance department tries to remedy these issues as quickly as possible.

“It’s a major issue,” custodian Susan Watkins said. “It (feels like) it’s been going on forever. When it rains, it looks really bad (in some places). We put down trash cans, but some kids knock them down and make more of a mess.”

While the leaks are mainly in areas outside of classrooms, they can still cause hallway congestion, slippery floors and potentially decrease focus.

“I find that leaks and other issues often disrupt the learning environment as teachers may be focused on the leaks instead of the class material,” Ulak said. “I think that the state of facilities at Northwest could be improved as there are several ongoing issues, especially with the trailer (region).”

There may be possible renovation in the future due to a proposed $2 billion master plan, but this has yet to be voted through.

“Any time you have an aging structure, such as Northwest, you are going to have issues,” assistant principal Donnie Watkins said. “We are aware facilities need improving. The $2 billion proposal addresses these concerns; (in the meantime), we make every effort to report leaks as soon as possible and to clean up the water.”

Hopefully, the issue will be remedied soon. As a reflection of larger facility issues, the old buildings provide increasing incentive to renovate with long-term solutions.

“This is a major issue, but we don’t let this stop us from the work we continue to do,” Watkins said. “We are very fortunate to have teachers and staff to push beyond their frustration to provide quality instruction and services every day for our students.”

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