Winter Fashion


Senior Paris Stankewich showing off her winter style

Many people are excited for the winter months to kick in. Cooler weather means jeans, sweaters, and layering options. Fashion takes on a whole different meaning as the seasons change. Not to mention, the dreadful heat of summer finally leaves us for a crisp, fresh few months. 

“I love cool months because it allows me to dress better, I feel as though there are just a lot more stylish options for winter months,” senior Grayson Kanoy said.

Those who follow fashion trends are in-tune with layering, especially bigger pieces, which seem to be at every high-profile fashion event of the winter this year. While not all high schoolers care about fashion or even put any effort in at all, one should begin to find out what their unique, personal style is while in their adolescent years. 

I don’t go to malls very often, but I will never turn down a shopping trip if someone asks!”

— Paris Stankewich

“I like to keep myself open to a wide variety of styles, but I usually tend to dress up, even if it is just to go to school,” senior Paris Stankewich said.

Showing off one’s creativity through style is a great way to express yourself as well as try new things. If one day someone walks into class with a completely new look, they may just be testing the waters with a fresh idea.

“I generally follow trends, but there are some days when I like to try and wear a style of my own,” Stankewich said. 

Similarly, it is professional (in the working world) to look presentable and prevent oneself from wearing sweatpants and a hoodie everyday (even though it’s very comfortable). 

“I think it’s important that people at least try with their outfits, it’s kind of because I don’t want to see you looking like a hot mess, but it’s also because people need to learn how to dress professionally and stylishly in the real world,” Kanoy said. 

Studies have been conducted that better dressers oftentimes have more confidence, leading to higher percentage of success rates through employment and salary increases. Similarly, this benefits one’s mental state as well. In a world where everyone is busy and stressed, a little time in one’s appearance can make one feel good about themselves, bringing a rush of excitement and self-fulfillment into their day.

“The phrase ‘If you look good, you feel good’ is really true for me,” Kanoy said, “I feel like I even do better on big tests if I come in with makeup on and a good outfit; it really makes me feel confident and puts me in a positive state of mind that says, ‘I can do this.’”

Many students have been observed wearing fashionable outfits to school frequently, and love the positive energy they receive in return!

“Just play around with style and have fun; make it yours, because it’s your body,” Kanoy said.