Lunch Bunch: Students hold special lunch events


Picture from Birthday Food Day. Featured from left to right are sophomores Areen Dabadghav, Jacob Teague, James Slaydon and Makayla Clark.

Students kicked off winter break with two different special lunch occasions, one for the birthday of sophomores James Slaydon and Makayla Clark, the other for Christmas.

Both meals favored a variety of treats from different cultures. There was a mix of Indian-based food as well as American cuisine. While one meal focused more on sweets, the other was more broad ranged.

“My birthday was Tuesday, Dec. 10,” Clark said, “and James’ birthday was Thursday, Dec. 12. We were celebrating our birthday.”

The first lunch consisted of home made pedhas (an Indian sweet), fudge, mints and Christmas “crack” (saltines with toffee and chocolate). There were also store-bought cookies. It was held on Dec. 11 as to be in between both birthdays. The many different foods were eaten by not only the people who brought it but also given out to anyone who came by. 

“(I brought pedhas) to spread my culture to my friends,” sophomore Areen Dabadghav said.

Although Dabadghav’s Indian food was shared and enjoyed, his lunch peers as well as himself seemed to favor the first community meal–soup day– from Nov. 26, designed to celebrate “Friendsgiving.”

“The first one (soup day) was better because more people participated,” Dabadghav said, “and because it was right before Thanksgiving, it brought the community together better.”

“Soup Day” featured tomato, chili, broccoli and cheese, chicken noodle and a few more varieties of soup. 

“I personally liked soup day better.””

— sophomore Makayla Clark

As winter break approached, the same group of individuals held yet another special lunch feast. This time it was Friday, Dec. 20 to celebrate Christmas and the imminent two weeks off from school. 

The meal included corn pudding, chicken casserole, burger casserole and some other foods. Food was given out to anyone who requested some, no matter if they brought something or not.

“I was not at the last one (the one held Dec. 11), but there were more soups at soup day,” junior William Jureit said.

Once more, the great soup day curse strikes again. While Jureit stated the festival was enjoyable, it seems no lunch special can match up to the “Great Soup Day of Nov. 26.”

“I personally liked soup day better,” Clark said. ”There was a larger selection to choose from.”