Waffles and Whiskers Cafe: The perfect place for cat lovers


Located on 104 S. Main Street in Kernersville, Waffles and Whiskers Cafe is a small restaurant that not only sells delicious food, but it also provides a safe place for stray cats, helping them find homes through adoption.

Walking into the small cafe, there are two separate rooms: a room to eat and another for the cats. In addition, there is a kid area in the corner that has Legos and a T.V to watch Netflix.

The menu contains waffles, ice cream, smoothies, coffee and cat-tail combos. The waffles come in different combos like PB and J, Tutti Fruity, Chocolate Covered Strawberry and many more–reasonably priced at $6.49.

This is the counter where you order and a little bit of the merchandise that you can buy.

There is a counter for placing orders, and the employees make the waffles right in front of you. Although there is somewhat of a wait-time, the waffles are delicious and fluffy. I ordered the Cinnamon Roll waffle, and my brothers and his friends had the Cookies and Cream waffles.

These are the Cookies and Cream waffles that my brothers ordered.

The walls of the café also have paintings and quotes that you can buy. There is a place where you can buy merchandise, including shirts, magnets and even jewelry.

To go into the cat room, you must first sign a waiver. Then you are given up to 30 minutes in the room for a minimum of $5 per person.

There have been more than 80 adoptions since this cafe has opened, and they keep 5-10 cats in there. The cats in there have gone through a screening process to make sure the cats are friendly and good with other people.

This is Bear. He is one of the non-adoptable cats. However, there are a lot of adoptable options.

Cats that you adopt do not wear a collar and have information about them on the walls.

Overall, this café was very relaxing and a great place to go if you want to adopt a cat and are in the mood for waffles!