New budget proposes $8 million in renovations for Northwest


The trailers that were implemented as a temporary solution to student overflow. They plan to remove these temporary classrooms.

Sharon Contreras, the superintendent of Guilford County Schools, recently unveiled a new plan to renovate or rebuild schools countywide. The plan will cost over $2 billion to implement, and will take anywhere from five to 15 years to complete.

“(Northwest High School is getting) around $8 million just for renovations here,” principal Ralph Kitley said. “The major plan calls for a whole lot that will affect us.”

One facet of the plan is to demolish the next-door middle school, Northwest Middle, and rebuild it somewhere else with a higher capacity. This gives Northwest High more room to expand and to use its space. This plan strives to help both schools, lowering the traffic rates and raising the schools’ capacities and available space.

“We will have all that land at our disposal, at this point we don’t know exactly for what, but probably practice fields, or things like that,” Kitley said. “(Moving the middle school) will make the traffic situation here a lot better.”

I would think that the excitement of going to a new school or a newly renovated school with extra space to move about, less traffic congestion to worry about, that would reduce a lot of anxiety that students (and parents) may feel now and help us have a more productive learning environment.”

— Principal Ralph Kitley

The plan is to have the majority of the $8 million to go into technology upgrades. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning units will be upgraded, as well as the security and surveillance systems.

“The two of the biggest concerns we have are HVAC issues throughout the campus and technology,” Kitley said. “A lot of the new schools have smart projectors, and (we) could have a tighter security in terms of upgrades with the security system.”

They plan to remove the temporary classrooms that were implemented as a temporary solution. There are also plans for a new high school to be built nearby to lessen the student count at Northwest, as we are currently about 550 students over capacity.

“Our student body will go down to around 1,400 because they’ll also build another area high school and redraw some of the lines,” Kitley said.

More information about the new plan will be released Thursday at 9 a.m. during a special board meeting.