Bob Ross lives on!

National Art Honors Society hosts “painting party” for it’s members with a Bob Ross video-guide.


Val Orozco

Students get together to make beautiful works of art

Bob Ross is long gone, but his memory lingers. His videos are known far and wide, and memes of him still persist on today’s internet. On Thursday, November 21, the National Art Honor Society at Northwest held a Bob Ross Painting Party.

 The National Art Honor Society, or NAHS, is an organization for artists at Northwest to give them recognition for their interests and desires to pursue artistic careers, whether in high school or college. Like every other honor society at the school, NAHS strives to represent well-rounded students that uphold academic competitiveness as well as a deep interest for different forms of art. The requirements for joining are to be or have been enrolled into at least one art class and to commit themselves to regularly attending meetings. They meet once a month for 30 minutes each meeting. 

The meeting opened with Christy Ma, the President of NAHS, announcing that they had ‘adopted’ a family for Christmas. Ma asked for donations that would go to the family in need. They then started the party, announcing that they would not pause the video, which sent a nervous laugh across the room.

Bob Ross is known for his speedy painting, and whenever one wants to follow along to a Bob Ross Video, frequent pauses are usually necessary. The video used at the meeting was called “Distant Mountains”, and although Ross makes the task of re-creating the work seem simple and achievable, many students were merely keep up with the pace. 

The rest of the meeting was fun and lighthearted, with students scrambling to keep up with the video. 

“I have created a monster of a masterpiece,” senior Paige Sigmon said jokingly. 

Since NAHS includes not only the art students but also the yearbook and photography students, there were some very interesting pieces created by people who seem to have never picked up a paintbrush before. 

“I’m not a painter or an artist, I take photos,” junior Renad Alsaid said.“Even though I can’t paint, it’s been really fun.”

Even though I can’t paint, it’s been really fun.”

— Renad Alsaid

There were all kinds of paintings, there were eloquent and beautiful masterpieces but there was also a few canvases that looked quite catastrophic.

“I can use my imagination but I cannot use my hand for anything,” junior Hana Ishige said.




Even some outsiders that weren’t actually part of NAHS snuck in and enjoyed the party. 

“It’s all about perspective, so I guess I could (take an art class next year).” Ishige said. 

Whether you came to watch the creative chaos of the fast painting techniques that Bob Ross is a master of, or watch these students attempt to quickly keep up with the video, it was an overall very fun experience to be a part of. NAHS see the event as a huge success, and anticipate for more fun activities to come as the semester progresses. 

“I feel like I’ve expressed myself well enough through the tedious exercise of following Bob Ross and his journey to distant mountains,” Sigmon said.