“My Chemical Romance” makes a comeback


Led by Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance is known for hits such as “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Teenagers”

The emo punk rock band known as “My Chemical Romance” has announced that they will be doing a reunion tour starting this December called “Return.” It has been more than six years since the popular band broke up, leaving some fans to hope for a return such as this.

Back in 2013 when MCR announced that they were going to stop creating music and go there separate ways, they left on good terms unlike most bands when they break up. Some of the members went on to do music in other bands, whiles others went on to create new things, like Gerard Way did with “The Umbrella Academy.” Though the idea of a reuniting of the band was often spoken among the MCR ex-members.

“It’s fricking great; they better announce a show near here,” junior Mackenzie Milani-Kaufman said. “They haven’t announced new music, but everyone is really hoping for it.”

As of now, MCR has not announced much more than five reunion shows that will take place starting in Los Angeles in December and ending in Japan in March 2020. Many fans are curious if the band plans on doing more than just this one tour. With a comeback of a band that was the juggernaut of the emo music community it’s no wonder that the idea of new music sounds like a possibility.

But while some fans of the band are excited about the idea of new music, others are rather indifferent to the idea entirely.

“I was excited at first, but I am a little less hyped now,” senior Hailey Bullard said.

While MCR’s reunion tour is sure to be a huge success, the details about any future events are unheard of at the moment. It is also unclear if the band will even be able to reclaim its former title as the top of the emo community in the weeks to come.

We’ll just need to ‘keep an eye on them, son,’ so we can watch all the things that they do.