Artist Profile: Olivia Burg


Senior Olivia Burg is an up and coming artist at Northwest High School. She uses a wide range of media, such as paints, clay, digital, watercolor, pencils, and markers. Burg also enjoys partaking in nature photography, and plays the viola in the Northwest orchestra.

I have worked with Sullivan for a fundraiser he did. I worked (at) a clay table and I helped them fundraise by having an activity for people to do. (I’ve ) also volunteered at a kid’s museum and ran an arts table. ”

— Olivia Burg

Burg’s art career first started in her own home. Her mother is also an artist specializing in pottery and ceramics. 

“(My mom) has always provided a space for us to do art.” Burg said, “I’ve been in art classes since Pre-K.”

 Burg enjoys experimenting and challenging herself to use new and different mediums. She considers her art stylized and draws inspiration from storybooks and fantasy themes. 

“I’d rather not make something that’s super realistic. I’d rather make something imaginative.” Burg said.

Burg has won a coloring award in 2014 and a few awards in Northwest’s annual art shows. 

She hopes to go into a creative job, such as architecture, landscape architecture, or environmental design.

“I don’t want to do art as a full time thing,” Burg said, “(but) I don’t think I could have a career that is purely analytical (or) logistical.