Athlete of the week: Riley Edwards


Junior Riley Edwards is a wrestler for Northwest high school and was named most valuable player last season.

What is your favorite thing about wrestling?

“Its hard but it challenges you a lot,” Edwards said.

When did you start playing this sport?

“I started when I was in third grade. My dad did it in high school and college, so I decided to do it,” Edwards said.

Were you good when you first started?

“I wasn’t good when I first started; it was fun and different, so I kept with it,” Edwards said.

Do you have any post game rituals?

“Afterwards I eat either ice cream or a milk shakes, usually Halo Tops or a milkshake from Sheets,” Edwards said.

How do you prepare for a big match?

“I listen to music before the match. If I have big tournaments, I try to lose water weight if I’m a couple pounds over,” Edwards said.

How has the sport changed over the years?

“They changed some college rules over how you can get points. They also made a hydration test, at the beginning of the year we have to get close to our weight while being hydrated and then they see how much weight you can lose per week,” Edwards said.

Do you still enjoy the sport years after you started?

“Yes,” Edwards said.

How do you manage school and a varsity sport?

“I usually do my homework after practice or in the morning, whenever I can really,” Edwards said.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in wrestling?

“We won dual team states and I was the MVP (most valuable player). I got MVP because I was last in the finals and had to win against my guy for the team to win,” Edwards said.