Fall fashion relies on past trends


Seniors Ava Berry and Zoe Simon throw a pile of leafs in the air while showing off their fall fashion.

I absolutely love fall fashion, it’s cozy and cute. (There are) so many options for your outfit whether it’s layering it with a jacket or throwing on a scarf.”

— Senior Ava Berry

As the season transition from summer to fall, new wardrobe favorites and trends emerge each year. From all things sweaters to the popular scrunchie, this year’s trends have definitely taken inspiration from the past.

Sweaters have been popular for many years, but each era has its take on sweaters. During this fall they have been commonly seen around the school in various forms, this year fuzzy sweaters, comfortable cardigans, and knit sweater dresses have been especially popular on the fashion front.

Not only do sweaters offer versatility in their style, but they can also be worn by both genders, dressed up or down and worn over two seasons. 

“(Sweaters) are perfect for the fall weather when its cold in the mornings and cool in the afternoon,” senior Kathryn Kwon said. “(They) are the best part of an outfit because they make you feel warm and look cute.”

Another reoccurring trend is ripped jeans. The current trend originally started in 2010 when 80s fashion made a comeback. Since then the style has failed to dwindle in its popularity. Ripped jeans can add that extra touch to an outfit, and provide comfort in the fall when the weather varies day to day, ensuring students are neither too cold or hot.

“Ripped jeans just fit better, they’re (snugger) and add more flair to your outfit,” senior Ava Berry said. “Non-ripped jeans are kinda bland unless your outfit has something else going for it. Ripped jeans are just more fun and (trendy), it’s hard to find good jeans that aren’t ripped.”

As well as the other reoccurring trends, scrunchies have made a comeback. The VSCO girl style blew up over the summer and has translated into the fall fashion trends, that applies to more than just the VSCO girl outfits. Conveniently scrunchies are the perfect item to use while someone throws their hair up for the day, but can also be added to any outfit as a simple accessory around anyone’s wrist.

“When you wear scrunchies, your hair looks naturally styled,” Kwon said. “The designs and colors are really cute and they are comfortable to wear on your wrist.”

Fashion trends are constantly cycled from each era, and this fall has proven it with the many reoccurring trends popular trends this season.

I absolutely love fall fashion, it’s cozy and cute,’ Berry said.  “(There are) so many options for your outfit whether it’s layering it with a jacket or throwing on a scarf. Plus it’s not too cold so you can wear clothes like ripped jeans and not get cold but also wear a sweater and not get too hot.”