Custodian leaves Northwest after six years of service

Picture of custodians from the 2015 Year book, Jan Carter is the 4th one from the left side in white.

Picture of custodians from the 2015 Year book, Jan Carter is the 4th one from the left side in white.

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    After six years of working at Northwest High School, custodian Jan Carter officially transferred to Colfax Elementary on Nov. 4. 

    “(I left Northwest) for better hours,” Carter said.

    Carter worked the second shift at Northwest, clocking in at 2:30 p.m. until as late as 10:30 p.m. During his shift, Carter was responsible for cleaning the cultural arts rooms, both gyms and the auditorium area. 

Assistant principal Kimberly Gilyard, who oversees custodians, appreciated Carter’s work at Northwest.

    “Jan was a hard worker and team player,” Gilyard said. “He served with a smile.”

    Prior to Gilyard becoming the custodian manager, assistant principal Donnie Watkins filled the position. Watkins also had a positive working relationship with Carter during his tenure. 

    “He worked hard (and) always tried to help when he could,” Watkins said. “He always met you with a smile and handshake.”

    Teachers appreciated Carter’s hard work ethic and open communication.

“He cleaned my classroom (and) also made sure I have paper towels (as well as) basic classroom needs,” visual arts teacher Beth Herrick said. “He wasn’t absent very often, but he always let me know when he would be out.”

    While Carter mostly worked in the cultural arts wing, he also served wherever he was needed. 

    “He made the day nice,” registrar Theresa Bobetich said. “He was a kind (and) sweet person.”

    No formal announcement was made with Carter’s departure. For instance, Bobetich had not been informed that Carter had left.

    “I thought I had just been missing him,” Bobetich said.

    Carter was a hard worker who was ready to assist. Although he is no longer a member of Northwest, the staff will miss him, and Colfax is lucky to have him.

    “(Being a custodian here has been) lots of fun,” Carter said.


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